One Day Divorce Process

The Portland Divorce Process is designed to be fair and transparent.

In traditional litigation, lawyers may focus on arguing about minutia and details which may – or may not – ultimately matter. One Day Divorce focuses on getting the divorce done efficiently and fairly.

Our primary goal is to save clients time and money while providing legal support at a critical juncture in their lives. Our clients reach resolution on all relevant matters to their divorce—either through agreement or through the mediator’s binding decision— in one day. This is Mediation Binding Arbitration, “MBA” for short.

Portland Divorce Process

Whereas most divorces in Oregon take nine months to a year or longer, Leskin Law & Mediation’s One Day Divorce process can be completed in as little as three months thanks to our innovative approach.

The Seven Stages in a One Day Divorce Process

The first three stages of a One Day Divorce involve information gathering. This is done through four on-line interviews. The interviews are easy to navigate and generally can be done in less than twenty minutes. All of the information in the interviews is shared between spouses.

Traditional litigation involves clients producing reams of documents and lawyers verifying facts. This is called discovery and is usually the most expensive part of any lawsuit.

One Day Divorce, instead, assumes both parties know the assets and liabilities of their marriage. Where there is a dispute, we have a process of resolving specific differences when they arise. In other words, litigation assumes that everything is false until verified. One Day Divorce assumes that everything is correct until specific differences are identified. Which process is more efficient?

However, there are safeguards built into One Day Divorce to ensure that both parties are fully transparent about income and debt should issues arise.

The First Three Stages (Information Gathering)

Stage 1 – The Stage 1 on-line interview ask for background information on husband and wife, employment and income, the marriage, and if appropriate, the children.

Stage 2 – The Stage 2 interview reviews the legal issues husband and wife wish to resolve. Both husband and wife will know exactly what issues will be raised at the Mediation Binding Arbitration. There are no surprises.

Stage 3 – The Stage 3 interview requires husband and wife to disclose all assets and liabilities to one another.

The Next Stages involve a Pre-Mediation Conference and Mediation Binding Arbitration.

Stage 4 – Stage 4 involves preparing for the Mediation Binding Arbitration with the help of the mediator. The mediator will prepare a list of the legal issues to be raised, and to disclose all of the assets and liabilities of the marriage to both parties. This helps identify where husband and wife are in agreement.

Stage 5 – Stage 5 is the Mediation Binding Arbitration. The parties will know exactly when the mediation will occur. It will take place within weeks, not months or years, after hiring One Day Divorce.

The Final Two Stages (Closing)

Stage 6 – At Stage 6, post Mediation Binding Arbitration, the mediator will prepare all of the divorce documents for the judge’s signature. These are usually prepared within a day or two. These are forwarded to wife and husband for review and signatures (via eSignature). Both parties have 7 days to sign. Once the documents are signed, One Day Divorce pays the court filing fee, and files the documents with the court.

Stage 7 – Once One Day Divorce receives notice that the documents are signed, we notify wife and husband that they are divorced and follow up with a comprehensive post-divorce plan to get your life back on track.

The entire divorce process, including preparation time, will take about two to three months.

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