Faster And Economical Divorce In Portland, Oregon

With our One Day Divorce solution, your divorce will be faster, fair, transparent and affordable. You will know exactly when your divorce will be concluded … months from now, not years. You will know your divorce costs in advance (no surprises), per couple. You will not face the risk of spending thousands of dollars each and then going to trial.

Our unique divorce approach was created by Steven Leskin, our Portland divorce attorney. We use Mediation Binding Arbitration approach- also called MBA, to come to an agreement between parties: the divorce mediator makes the final decision regarding the assets, liabilities, income and parenting issues.

After spending several hours talking directly with the couple, either “divorce online” or in person, the divorce mediator attorney will have a better insight of the situation. This will facilitate our Portland Divorce Attorney to make decisions consistent with Oregon law to resolve outstanding disputes.

The One Day Divorce Process |How Does It Work

The One Day Divorce And Mediation consists of the following seven steps:

Step 1 of One Day Divorce

Step 1

Provide the couple’s background and marriage information

Step 2 of One Day Divorce

Step 2

Give notice of any issues to be decided at the divorce mediation

Step 3 of One Day Divorce

Step 3

Inventory of the assets, debt of the marriage

Step 4 of One Day Divorce in Portland - Divorce Inventory - Meet with the mediator to prepare for the mediation

Step 4

Meet with the divorce mediator to prepare for the divorce mediation

Step 5 of One Day Divorce

Step 5

Our unique approach Mediation Binding Arbitration at the agreed time

Step 6 of One Day Divorce

Step 6

After the divorce mediation, we draft, you sign court divorce documents, and then we file and pay the court

Step 7 of One Day Divorce

Step 7

We will notify you directly once the court signs the divorce decree and follow up to help you get back on track

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Contact our divorce Portland divorce attorney, Steven Leskin and start your divorce process discussion through a free consultation. With One Day Divorce and Mediation your divorce will be fast and economical

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Why Choose Leskin Law and Mediation?

We pride ourselves on being different: our One Day Divorce innovative approach offers three distinct advantages over traditional divorce firms:

  1. Affordable Divorce In Portland: The One Day Divorce process focuses on resolving a couple’s differences without spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary legal work, such interim support motions (necessitated by long court waits) or repeated motions to postpone a trial date.
  2. Faster Divorce: The One Day Divorce focuses on finalizing your divorce in months and not years.
  3. Fixed Fees: With our divorce lawyer in Portland you will know exactly how much your divorce will cost ahead of time: no surprises.
One Day Divorce timeline

Divorce on your schedule – not the court’s

One Day Divorce Mediation

NO COMPLICATIONS: Talking is better
than litigating

One Day Divorce unique MBA

DIVORCE MEDIATION: Courts generally
require mediation

Do I Qualify For One Day Divorce?

Unlike a normal litigation, the One Day Divorce process is not a fact-finding process. This means, we make sure to guarantee your divorce success through a faster way and with no complications.

We require afew qualifications for One Day Divorce. Our few exceptions are:

  • A spouse suspects the other of concealing assets, liabilities or income;
  • One partner lacks the cognitive or mental capacity to contract;
  • One partner requires expert financial and or medical planning;
  • There is a custody dispute or allegations of child abuse;
  • One of the spouses owns a military or government pension to be divided in the future, excluding PERS;
  • Either spouse owns, or has an interest in, a business requiring valuation;
  • Either spouse owns stock options or other complicated financial instruments which require valuation;
  • The total value of the estate exceeds one million dollars;
  • One partner is not capable of using e mail or streaming technology (such as Zoom).
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