Fast, Economical Divorce

With One Day Divorce, your divorce will be fast, fair, transparent, and affordable. You will know exactly when your divorce will be concluded … months from now, not years. You will know exactly how much your divorce will cost in advance, per couple. You will not risk spending thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars each and then going to trial.

One Day Divorce is a unique approach to divorce created by Oregon Attorney Steven Leskin. After more than 20 years of watching the adversarial process make a bad situation worse for divorcing couples, Steven Leskin developed an approach which utilizes a hybrid mediation and arbitration process which guarantees that the divorce will be done in one day. The one-day session follows a one-month preparation period to identify the issues and exchange information to ensure transparency. After the mediation/arbitration, we draft the divorce documents and shepherd them through the court.

One Day Divorce: How Does It Work?

There are seven stages in a One Day Divorce:

Step 1 of One Day Divorce

Stage 1

Provide the couple’s objective background and marriage information through online questionnaires

Step 2 of One Day Divorce

Stage 2

Provide notice to one another of the legal or factual issues to be raised and resolved at the hybrid divorce mediation/arbitration

Step 3 of One Day Divorce

Stage 3

Create an inventory of the assets and debts of the marriage. These first three steps take about one month.

Step 4 of One Day Divorce in Portland - Divorce Inventory - Meet with the mediator to prepare for the mediation

Stage 4

Both spouses meet together with the attorney to prepare for the divorce mediation and identify differences and what additional information will be needed for the mediation

Step 5 of One Day Divorce

Stage 5

Participate in a structured discussion to problem solve solutions differences with a neutral, trained mediator. In the event that differences remain at the end of the mediation, the mediator will make the final decisions based on Oregon law.

Step 6 of One Day Divorce

Stage 6

After the divorce mediation concludes, we draft the court documents for your signature and then file and pay filing fees

Step 7 of One Day Divorce

Stage 7

We notify you directly once the court signs the divorce decree and provide additional, specific information for your post-divorce relationship.

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Call or use the contact form to schedule a consultation to discuss if the One Day Divorce process is right for you. There is no charge for this consultation. By the end of the call, you will know when your divorce can be finalized and how much it will cost. You will feel better.

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Why Choose One Day Divorce?

The One Day Divorce process was developed intentionally to be fast, fair, transparent, and economical. The innovative One Day Divorce approach offers three distinct advantages over traditional divorce litigation:

  1. An Affordable Oregon Divorce: The One Day Divorce process focuses on resolving a couple’s differences without spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary legal work, such as interim support motions (necessitated by long court waits), unnecessary discovery or repeated motions to postpone a trial date because the attorneys are not ready or the courts do not have a judge available.
  2. Fast Divorce: One Day Divorce focuses on finalizing your divorce in two months and not years.
  3. Fixed Fees: You will know exactly how much your divorce will cost ahead of time, including all fees, costs, and court filing fees. You do not enter into an open-ended agreement with an attorney at $300/hour/person. There are no surprises.
One Day Divorce timeline

Divorce on your schedule – not the court’s

One Day Divorce Mediation


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Do I Qualify For One Day Divorce?

Unlike traditional litigation, the One Day Divorce process is not an adversarial process. The process may not be right for every couple.

The process may not be right for you in the following circumstances:

  • One spouse suspects the other of concealing assets, liabilities, or income
  • One partner lacks the cognitive or mental capacity to contract
  • One partner requires expert financial and or medical planning
  • There is a custody dispute or allegations of child abuse
  • One of the spouses has a military or government pension to be divided in the future, excluding PERS
  • Either spouse owns, or has an interest in, a business requiring valuation
  • Either spouse owns stock options or other complicated financial instruments which require valuation
  • The total value of the estate exceeds one million dollars
  • One partner is not capable of using email or streaming technology (such as Zoom).
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