The Pre-Mediation Conference

After information about the marital assets, debts, property, kids, and income is submitted through the questionnaires, both spouses will receive a letter detailing the other spouse’s answers. The process is fully transparent. There will be no surprises at the hybrid mediation and arbitration.

The purpose of the Pre-Mediation Conference is to identify where there are discrepancies in values. Where there are differences, the mediator will lead a discussion on how to resolve discrepancies at the Pre-Mediation Conference.

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For example, if there is a discrepancy about income for the purposes of determining child support, the spouses will provide a copy of tax returns, a Social Security earning report, or paystubs. If there is a question about the amount of debt, the spouses will need to bring in the appropriate statements to clarify the amount of debt.

Also, at the Pre-Mediation Conference, the mediator will review Oregon law with the couple. The mediator will explain, generally, what the law is, and how it might be applied. This discussion will help the couple with their own decision making.

The couple also receive Leskin Law’s Guide to Divorce Mediation.  The Guide has been compiled over years and contains helpful information on Oregon divorce law and the One Day Divorce Mediation process.  The parties will be well prepared for the mediation.

If the spouses are unable to agree on a specific item during the mediation, and the mediator makes the final decisions, the decision will be made in accordance with Oregon law. Both parties will have a pretty good idea of what the result should be if the mediator makes the final decision. The process is fully transparent.

Finally, the Pre-Mediation Conference will cover exactly what will occur at the mediation/arbitration. There will be no surprises. Both spouses will understand the process fully.

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