Using Technology for Efficient Onboarding

Leskin Law’s One Day Divorce Mediation process relies on technology to ensure transparency, share information, and reduce costs.

At the heart of the One Day Divorce Mediation process is the use of online questionnaires to gather information. The questionnaires were developed in house by Steven Leskin specifically for Leskin Law. The questionnaires collect objective information from both spouses. The information is then shared between spouses prior to the Pre-Mediation Conference. The questionnaires allow you to identify where there are differences and what objective information will then be needed to resolve questions of value, such as the amount of debt or the amount in a retirement account.

In traditional litigation, attorneys ask for years of financial and tax records. This is necessary to verify the value in bank accounts to ensure that a spouse has disclosed everything and not drained accounts prior to the divorce.  At One Day Divorce Mediation, we only ask for financial records where the questionnaire reveals that there may be a discrepancy. We streamline the process by focusing on differences.

We use the same process to identify what issues will be raised at the mediation. Both parties submit a list of the legal issues they would like to raise at the mediation. The issues are shared prior to the Pre-Mediation Conference. This eliminates surprises at the mediation.

Scheduling of the Pre-Mediation Conference and Mediation/Arbitration is calendared through Doodle giving spouses the control to schedule dates and times most convenient to them.  You control the schedule, instead of the court dictating dates. Likewise, the documents are all signed via DocuSign. You will never have to come into an office to sign paperwork or appear before a judge.

Mediation/Arbitrations are conducted through Zoom online conference. You will never have to come to court to give testimony before a judge or get cross examined by an opposing attorney. In certain instances, and by pre-arrangement, mediations can be conducted live. However, most people prefer attending the mediation in the privacy and comfort of their own home.