Your Divorce Finalized

Once the court notifies Leskin Law’s One Day Divorce Mediation that the judge has signed the General Judgment of Dissolution, we will notify you that you are divorced. You will receive a comprehensive “Dissolution Checklist” outlining all of the things you may need to do to get your life back on track. You will also receive a brief quality survey — because we really do want your feedback to improve our process.

Contact Steven Leskin To Get Your Oregon Divorce Finalized

At every stage of the process—from before your initial filing to the day your divorce is finalized—the team at One Day Divorce and Mediation will support you and make the experience as easy and efficient as possible. To learn more about the One Day Divorce process or to schedule your free consultation with a divorce attorney, contact us online or call 971-930-4716 today. We offer payment plans.