Do You Qualify For One Day Divorce?

One Day Divorce is not the right forum for every couple. Sometimes, the courts are more appropriate and in those cases we encourage divorcing couples to retain a competent family law attorney.
Qualify For One Day Divorce

Do You Qualify For One Day Divorce?

We do not accept a case if any of the following is true:

Regarding Children:

  • There are allegations of physical, emotional or verbal child abuse;
  • Custody (not parenting time) of a minor child is disputed (joint custody or an agreement that one parent or the other shall have custody is permissible);

Regarding Husband or Wife:

  • One spouse lacks the cognitive capacity to contract;
  • One spouse suffers a condition requiring expert financial/medical/legal planning;
  • One spouse is not capable of using email or streaming technology (such as Zoom. We can lend a tablet or make other arrangements);

Regarding Assets and Liabilities:

  • A spouse suspects the other of concealing assets, liabilities or income.
  • Either spouse owns, or has an interest in, a business requiring valuation;
  • Either spouse owns stock options or other complicated financial instruments which will need to be valued;
  • The total net value of the estate exceeds one million dollars.

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