One Day Divorce: How Does It Work?

Leskin Law’s One Day Divorce Mediation is the quick, affordable, and fair alternative to a long, contentious, and expensive divorce.

Leskin Law’s modern approach to divorce challenges the traditional Oregon approach to dissolve a marriage. Our unique hybrid process combines mediation with binding arbitration into a single session so that the issues in your divorce will be resolved in a single day. In contrast to most divorce lawyers, the one-time fee is affordable and set in advance – so there are no surprises.

Most contested divorces in Oregon take six months to a year or longer to finalize. The One Day Divorce process will be complete in about six weeks, meaning that all of your court documents will be at the courthouse and ready for a judge’s signature within two months of hiring Leskin Law & Mediation.

The Promise of Leskin Law’s One Day Divorce Mediation

Leskin Law & Mediation developed a hybrid mediation/binding arbitration approach to resolve marital disputes. This means our participants reach resolution on all the relevant matters to their divorce –either through collaborative agreement or through the mediator’s binding decision – following a one-day session.

In mediation, the couple engages an impartial and neutral professional who keeps the focus on finding practical and fair solutions. Sometimes the mediator will separate the parties into different breakout rooms and go back and forth between the parties carrying proposals until all of the differences are resolved. Sometimes, the parties talk directly to one another in a facilitated discussion.

Leskin Law’s One Day Divorce Mediation differs from traditional divorce mediation in that the mediator determines the remaining disputed items at the end of the mediation. The mediator will apply Oregon law to determine how the marriage’s assets, liabilities, and income will be divided up. The mediator applies the same laws to arrive at a result consistent with Oregon law in the same manner that a judge would, if you were to go to court.

In other words, the divorcing couple will discuss their differences through the professional mediator and attempt to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. At the end of the mediation, the mediator/arbitration decides whatever items remain unresolved. The hard part of the divorce will be done. Your divorce will be done fairly, transparently, economically, and efficiently.

The mediation process occurs in seven stages:

Stage 1 – Provide background information about husband, wife, and children, if appropriate.

Stage 2 – Spouses raise legal issues so that both parties know what to expect at the mediation.

Stage 3 – Spouses each create an assets/liability/income inventory.

Stage 4 – At the pre-mediation conference the parties discuss the issues that will be necessary to resolve their differences with the mediator.

Stage 5 – Hybrid Mediation and Arbitration

Stage 6 – Court documents prepared, submitted to husband and wife for signing, and then filed with the court.

Stage 7 – Notification that the court has signed the divorce decree.

Participants receive a comprehensive Guide to Divorce Mediation and detailed instructions at every stage. Participants respond to online questionnaires and interviews via a secure portal. At Leskin Law’s One Day Divorce Mediation, we have developed our own proprietary technology to efficiently and securely gather and share information. The process could not be more efficient and transparent.

The process will take four weeks to get through the first three stages. There is a two- week period after the Pre-Mediation Conference to gather additional information. After the mediation/arbitration, Leskin Law & Mediation drafts the court documents for the spouses to review and sign and then submits them to the court. It can take the court a few days or up to one month to review and sign the divorce decree. Once the decree is signed, the divorce is final.

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