The Divorce Decree

The final stage of any divorce is the General Judgment of Dissolution, otherwise known as the Divorce Decree.

The Divorce Decree governs post-marriage relations with your ex-spouse. Sometimes, in a simple case, it simply declares that the marriage is dissolved, and everyone keeps their own property and pays their own debts. In these cases, no one ever looks at the decree again. However, in complicated cases, marriages involving children, real estate, or transfers of property and the payment of debt, the Divorce Decree can be a very detailed and complicated document. It may be referred to for years.

At Leskin Law’s One Day Divorce Mediation, we prepare the Divorce Decree and file it with the court.

couple divorcing and placing wedding rings on desk - Oregon Dissolution Of MarriageThe Decree is written in plain English, and not in confusing legalese. It is written with an eye towards anticipating and resolving future conflicts.

Once the Decree is signed by the Court, the parties are divorced.

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