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Navigating a divorce can be an overwhelming process, especially when you’re feeling emotional. Fortunately for those in Salem – Oregon, experienced legal counsel is available to help manage the situation with ease. A knowledgeable and reliable lawyer will provide invaluable guidance throughout each step of the proceedings- allowing clients to move on quickly and positively from their divorces.

Salem divorce lawyer Steven Leskin will make your divorce quick, simple, and affordable. Instead of drowning in paperwork or waiting a year to sort out the details, you can rest assured knowing your case will be handled quickly – from 3-6 months total.

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Our fees are flat and you will know ahead of time how much you will spend with your divorce before even initiating your divorce process. Know more about our divorce fees and how we calculate your divorce.

What’s the difference between traditional divorce and One Day Divorce?

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It is important to consider time and money when starting and ultimately completing the General Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. Traditional litigation may take months and sometimes years to resolve because lawyers argue about minutia. In addition, it is common for specialized assets to require specialized language in the judgment in order to be distributed properly.


With One Day Divorce, your divorce process is fast and economical! 



We focus on resolving a couple’s differences without spending unnecessary dollars on legal work, such interim support motions or repeated motions to postpone a trial date


The One Day Divorce and Mediation focuses on finalizing your divorce in months and not years


With our divorce lawyer in Oregon you will know exactly how much your divorce will cost ahead of time: no surprises.

With One Day Divorce and Mediation, your divorce is fast and economical! Most divorces in Oregon take nine months to a year or longer; With our Oregon divorce attorney your process can be completed in as little as three months. The main focus is on getting the divorce done efficiently and fairly.

The 7 Steps Of One Day Divorce Approach – Oregon Divorce

 The Oregon Divorce Overview process is designed to be fair and transparent. 

Our primary goal is to save clients time and money and to resolve their differences quickly: our clients reach resolution on all relevant matters to their divorce—either through agreement or through the mediator’s binding decision— in one day. This is Mediation Binding Arbitration, “MBA” for short. Whereas most divorces in Oregon take nine months to a year or longer, with our Oregon divorce attorney process your divorce can be completed in as little as three months thanks to our innovative approach.

One Day Divorce and Mediation: The First Three Stages (Information Gathering)

Our Oregon divorce attorneys use online interviews to gather information, which means, we can assist you anywhere in Oregon.

The first three stages (of seven) revolve around gathering information from the divorcing couple. The second three stages revolve around preparing for the mediation, the mediation, and then preparing and signing the court documents One Day Divorce prepares.

  • On Boarding – The Stage 1

Our Oregon divorce lawyer conducts an online interview and asks for background information on the husband and wife, employment and income, the marriage, and if appropriate, the children.

  • Issues – The Stage 2

Our Oregon divorce attorney will then reviews the legal issues the husband and wife wish to raise. Both husband and wife will know exactly what issues will be raised at the Mediation Binding Arbitration. There are no surprises.

  • Inventory – The Stage 3

A second interview requires the husband and wife to disclose all assets and liabilities to one another.

The Next Stages involve A Pre-Mediation Conference And Mediation Binding Arbitration

  • Pre-Mediation Conference – Stage 4

At this stage, our Oregon divorce lawyer prepares for the Mediation Binding Arbitration with the mediator. The mediator will prepare a list of the legal issues raised by the husband and wife and disclose all of the assets and liabilities of the marriage to both parties. This helps identify where the parties are in agreement.

  • Mediation Binding Arbitration (“MBA”) – Stage 5

When hiring One Day Divorce, the parties select the Mediation Binding Arbitration date ahead of time. The MBA will take place within two to three months, not years, after hiring One Day Divorce.

The Final Two Stages

  • Post MBA – The Stage 6

At stage six, the mediator will prepare all of the divorce documents for the judge’s review and signature. These are usually prepared within a day or two. These are forwarded to the wife and husband for review and signatures (via eSignature). Both parties have 7 days to sign. Once the

documents are signed, One Day Divorce pays the court filing fee and files the documents with the court.

  • Closing – The Stage 7

Once One Day Divorce receives notice from the court that the documents are signed, we notify the parties that they are divorced and follow up with a comprehensive post-divorce plan to get your life back on track. The entire divorce process, including preparation time, will take two to three months.


Why shouldn’t I Represent Myself In An Oregon Divorce?

It is common for self-represented litigants to become disillusioned and disheartened quickly after finding a wealth of information on the Internet.

There are, however, often a number of websites with inconsistencies or conflicting information. In addition, self-representers often find it difficult to determine which sources are legitimate or which laws are current. Furthermore, many resources are difficult to read and use jargon or unclear legal terms, complicating what you are trying to accomplish.

It can be daunting and exhausting to navigate the legal process on your own. Many self-represented individuals begin with a sense of optimism, but that optimism disappears as soon as they encounter the reality of the legal system. In addition to difficulties filling out application forms, difficult confrontations with their ex, disputes arising from a previous marriage or in regard to assets, or a difficult time understanding the service process are some challenges that can, and probably will arise.

The right Oregon divorce attorney will be with you every step of the way, and they’ll be able to tell you exactly what questions to ask to paint a complete picture, how to anticipate unforeseen circumstances, and what to do to keep everyone on track.

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