"How Much Will My Divorce Cost?"

In a traditional divorce litigation in Oregon, each spouse signs an open-ended contract with an attorney to pay $300 per hour (or more), plus costs, to get divorced. You just have to trust that the attorney will not run up your bill. However the attorney is incentivized to put as much time into your case as possible.

If you are calling around and talking to attorneys in Oregon, try an experiment: Ask the prospective attorney how much a divorce will cost. The attorney will not tell you. Ask for a range or a budget. The attorney will likely tell you it is impossible to estimate and that every case is different. Lawyers know attorney fees will scare off many clients.

Not so with One Day Divorce Mediation.

Fees in a One Day Divorce Mediation case depend on objective criteria. The fee schedule is set out below. You only pay one flat fee. You will know in advance exactly what the divorce will cost – for both of you. The fees for One Day Divorce Mediation are per couple, not per person. Our fees are reasonable and appropriate for professional services.

Our firm pays all court costs related to your divorce

We make paying for a one day divorce simple: You can pay by e-check, credit card, “Buy Now/Pay Later,” or with a flexible installment agreement. If finances are an issue, we will work with you. We can split fees among spouses.

Best yet, there are no lawyer trust account deposits to replenish. All attorney fees are paid in advanced and earned upon receipt. You only pay once.

The horror stories about legal fees in Oregon divorce cases are true. Ask your friends, colleagues, and family how much they spent on divorce attorneys. Compare, and you will see the One Day Divorce Mediation advantage.

We work with you to make your divorce affordable for both you and your spouse. Same time, money, and aggravation with One Day Divorce Mediation. We help couples in the Portland Metro Area and across Oregon.

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Base fee $3,301
Child Base $1,000
Each minor child $250
Each “Each child 18 to 20 years old currently attending college or vocational school” $400
Residential Real Estate (condominiums, homes, excludes investment properties) $2,000/per
Employer Sponsored Retirement accounts $2,500/per
Non-Employer Retirement Account $1,000/per
If the gross value of the estate is between $500,000 and $749,999 $3,500
If the gross value of the estate is between $750,000 and $1,000,000 $4,500
Finance Charge .02%