Information Sharing

Oregon Divorce Lawyer Consultation

Leskin Law’s One Day Divorce Mediation has developed an efficient and easy method to collect and share information from participants.

At One Day Divorce Mediation, participants receive four simple on-line questionnaires. Most of the information you will know. The questions come with complete explanations. Both husband and wife will see the other’s responses. The process is fully transparent. And, where there are differences, the differences will be discussed constructively and pragmatically at the Pre-Mediation Conference.

The Online Questionnaires:

The Marriage Questionnaire requests objective information about the marriage: the date and location, the children, and other basic information.

The Background Questionnaire requests information required by the courts to complete the divorce paperwork, such as biographical and employment information. If there are minor children, this questionnaire provides room to discuss the spouses’ proposal and preferences for the parenting plan.

The Issues Questionnaire identifies the legal and factual issues each spouse will raise at the mediation/arbitration.

The Inventory Questionnaire identifies the assets and liabilities of the marriage.