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Steven Leskin

Oregon State Bar 923727

My name is Steven Leskin. I am a divorce attorney in Portland, Oregon. I have been practicing law in Oregon since 1992.

In the divorce attorney realm, I have noticed that there are three kinds of attorneys: there are social workers, sharks, and pragmatists. Social workers want to make everything right for everyone. Sharks are highly aggressive and leave no stone and fight for you on every issue. Pragmatists want to “get it done.” If two social workers are on a case, they will talk everything to death and there will not be any money left. If two sharks are on the case, they will devour everything, and there will not be any money left. If there are two pragmatists are on your case, you got very lucky.

I have been practicing in Oregon since 1992. At my law practice, we developed the One Day Divorce Mediation program: a hybrid mediation arbitration process designed to quickly and expediently bring an end to your unhappy marriage.

One Day Divorce Mediation. We do divorce differently.

Attorney Profile

I have spent twenty-four years as a trial attorney in Oregon specializing in tort and professional malpractice litigation, federal administrative law, and domestic relations. I am an experienced trial attorney with hundreds of mediations, arbitrations, and administrative hearings. Long-time municipal judge and two-term Assistant Disciplinary Counsel. I am experienced in all areas of law practice management and technology.

Legal Career

Attorney at Law / Law Firm (October 2020 – December, 2021)

  • Litigated all aspects of divorce and custody cases from drafting petition through post judgment matters • Mentor young attorneys, publish firm advance sheet reviews, develop internal custody and discovery process for firm, review and edit pleading and correspondence templates for firm use; conduct internal CLE’s

Attorney at Law / Steven Leskin, P.C., Portland Oregon (1992-2015)

  • Founded and managed personal injury and civil litigation law firm in Oregon.
  • Litigated tort, family law and criminal cases in state court, appeared before federal agencies. • Verdicts include $10,000,000 verdict against husband and Portland Police Officer for shooting wife, wrongful death claims and multiple verdicts in mid -$100,000, with hundreds of settlements negotiated. • Social security disability representative handling hundreds of claims from initial filing to appeals process. • Dozens of court trials in domestic relations cases, including multiple claims where my clients received “the long half” of marital estate.
  • Successfully litigated commercial and contract disputes for small and mid-sized corporations. • Very experienced in alternative dispute forums, including arbitrations and mediations.

Municipal Judge / Cities of North Plains and Banks, Oregon (2003-2008)

  • Conducted arraignments, trials and sentencing of municipal and state code violations. • Implemented new sentencing procedures, made court procedures efficient.
  • Created program to allow defendants to pay judgment through community service.


Various (2018 to 2020)

  • The Tech Academy – computer coding school
  • Portland Patrol, Inc – community policing through Portland Progress
  • Amazon Warehouse Services – warehouse worker
  • Symmetry Insurance- life insurance sales

General Manager / Port of Siuslaw, Florence Oregon (2016-2017)

  • Managed commercial port on Oregon coast. Responsible for $1.6 million budget, and 9 FTE.
  • Increased revenue by $19,000 and decreased costs by $24,000 in 2016-2017 budget.
  • Created Summer music festival, new marketing program for marina, and a new capital fund to pay for future repair and replacement of port assets.

Project Manager / Port of Bandon, Bandon Oregon (2015-2016)

  • Researched and initiated development of economic development projects.
  • Implemented procedures to revise banking, cash handling and accounting procedures.

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