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Oregon Mediation Articles

Oregon Mediation Articles

My Approach to Divorce Mediation

Let’s start with this: It is a bedrock principle of mediation that mediators are neutral facilitators and that mediation participants are free agents, if you will, to decide their own outcome. Mediators are supposed to facilitate an outcome which derives from and works for both parties. As a personal injury ...

Differences between Mediation, Collaborative Divorce and Arbitration

Divorce mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce are three different processes to resolve a couple’s differences during a divorce. They each have pros and cons. There is also a hybrid practice involving mediation and arbitration, and this is the process my office uses. Mediation is a structure discussion between two parties ...

Types of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediations can be structured in different ways. And, there are different types of mediation.  Each mediator will have his or her own style. The basics of any mediation is that the parties have agency, meaning that the parties are empowered to create their own solutions to resolve differences. The ...

Establishing Financial Values in Oregon Divorce Mediation

It is axiomatic in a lawsuit that both parties have access to the same information.  The Oregon courts in particular frown on trial by ambush or surprise. The legal process to ensure that both sides have the same information is called “discovery.” In a family law case, I view discovery ...

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