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What is the process for filing for divorce in Oregon?


STEVEN LESKIN We know ending a marriage is a big decision—often one made only after careful consideration and emotional struggle. Once you’ve decided to file for divorce in Oregon, it’s important to understand the process ahead of you and the steps you should take to ensure as smooth ...

Spouse Support Part 3: Doug and Penny: Requesting Spousal Support

Divorce Story|

STEVEN LESKIN Doug and Penny had been married for 38 years. Doug earned a good living. Penny worked in a bookstore part time. They had saved for retirement, their home was paid off, and their two children are grown and on their own. They had no debt. ...

Spouse Support Part 2: Shani and Michael: Child Support

Divorce Story|

STEVEN LESKIN Shani contacted Leskin Law and Mediation regarding a divorce. She and her husband and been married for six years and had two young children. Shani is 34. Michael is 37. Michael worked and brought home about $49,000 a year. They did not own a home. ...

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