One Day Divorce: Draft, Sign, File

Upon completion of the Mediation binding Arbitration, the mediator will prepare all documentation necessary to get the divorce approved by the court. You can find document samples and detailed explanations of the purpose of each document in the Divorce Guide.

Known as a General Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, this document governs a divorcing couple’s relationship after their divorce. This document should will (or should), reflect the agreement the parties reached during mediation or the mediator’s decisions on the outstanding issues. The preparation of this document requires numerous requirements.

Once the General Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage has been completed and signed by both parties, both copies will be returned to the office and filed with the Oregon court.

It is important for us that all documents prepared by Leskin Law and Mediation are written in plain English without legal jargon: our goal is to reduce future conflicts by writing this document with an eye to the future.Oregon Divorce Lawyer Consultation


What happens if one party is not happy with the outcome and refuses to sign the General Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage Judgment?

If a participant fails to comply with the Mediation Binding Arbitration Participation Agreement (MBA), a substantial financial penalty will be imposed as a deterrent: it was agreed that both parties would participate in this process; both must abide the arbitrator’s decision.

A party can seek a financial penalty in the form of a supplemental judgment if they do not sign the judgment within the specified period. Non-complying parties will be responsible for paying the legal fees to hire a new attorney to enforce the settlement.

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