Anatomy of A Divorce | Part 1 – Introduction | One Day Divorce

00:0000:00 : Intro

00:0000:14 : My name is Steven Leskin. I am a divorce attorney in Portland. I’ve been practicing law here in Oregon since 1992.

00:1400:27 : It’s not a secret. Most people find their legal process of divorce to be confusing, stressful, anxiety producing,expensive and dare I say, stressful. 00:2700:33 : And it doesn’t help at all, that it comes along at a time in people’s lives when they are most vulnerable.

00:3300:54 : On the assumption that understanding what’s happening to you will help reduce your stress and bring down the anxiety, anxiety a little bit, I’ve recorded a series of five videos that start with filing petition for disillusion to the end of trial. To help you understand the divorce process, let me give you an overview of what’s to come.

00:5401:07 : The first video in the process covers the petition for disillusion of marriage and the respondent’s response. I’ll cover what’s in the re, what’s in the petition, and what’s in the response, and why it’s important and why it’s important to get it right.

01:0701:19 : The next video will cover interim support and the support that a person can ask the quote for because your trial date is gonna be so far out.

01:1901:30 : The third video in the series will cover discovery, what discovery is and why it’s important to your case, um, and how discovery is used during trial. 01:3001:49 : Fourth video will cover alternative dispute resolution techniques. The courts requires you to talk to your spouse or the opposing party before going to court, and in almost every case, whether it’s a divorce or not. Most divorces, most divorcing couples go through mediation and talk about that.

01:4902:02 : And then finally, the last, the fifth, fifth video in the series will cover trial and what’s involved in trial and the practical aspects of trial and, um, for the range of possible outcomes.

02:0202:05 : So stay tuned. That’s what’s coming up next.

02:0502:13 : So again, my name is Steven Leskin. I am a divorce attorney in Portland. I’ve been practicing law here in Oregon since 1992.

02:1302:18 : Let’s move on. Let’s go to, uh, the petition and what it means to, uh, divorcing litigants.

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