Ask An Attorney: Are There Resources for A Low Cost Divorce

today’s question comes from Hillsboro. the question is this: are there resources available to help somebody uh with a low-cost divorce? welcome to ask an attorney I am Steven Leskin I am a divorce and family law attorney in Portland you can’t find me at I post new content every Monday Wednesday and Friday at about 10 o’clock so the question is are there low-cost resources available to help somebody with their divorce the answer to that is
yes there actually are quite a few resources available the state provides help through the Oregon judicial department and you can Google search on Google  family law forms Oregon judicial department and that will give you access to divorce forms you can go to your County website and there’ll be a family law department and within that there’ll be divorce forms you can check out the Oregon State Bar there’s plenty of pages there on divorce information if you’re just
looking for information if you’re looking for legal help Saint Andrews Legal Clinic in Portland and Hillsboro Washington County offers low-income support to low-income people for divorce and family law issues and many of the county courthouses offer free family law assistance You just need to call the courthouse family depart Family Law Department and they’ll direct you to the right place so there are resources for low-income people who help who need help with divorce
again my name is Stephen leskin I am a divorce and family law attorney in Portland and you can find me at
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