Ask An Attorney: Can Wife Have Someone Join Her At Mediation?

welcome to ask an attorney today’s question comes from Bend the writer wants to know if in her upcoming mediation to modify a parenting plan whether her current husband will be allowed to sit with her enjoying her at the mediation uh against or with her ex-husband. my name is Steven Leskin I am a divorce
attorney in Portland Oregon uh you can find me at I post new content every Monday Wednesday and Friday at about 10 o’clock if you like what you see here please like subscribe or comment below your input and engagement is valued so the writer has an upcoming mediation and she wants her current husband uh to sit in with her during the mediation with her former husband and the mediation nothing really matters for this question it involves parenting time and probably a modification of child support so the answer to that is maybe it depends on what the mediator wants to do uh sometimes the media will . sk a third party you know who is joining what they’re doing there and if they say they’re just there to give support then they’ll say that’s fine but you need to not volunteer or contribute you can help your spouse out but you’re not entitled to engage or participate in the negotiations other mediators they just say no you can’t this is a mediation between the parties the ex-spouse and not allow a third party to join the mediation so again my name is Steven Leskin. I am a divorce attorney and mediator and arbitrator in Portland you can find me at thanks for watching

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