Ask An Attorney: How Can Mom Reduce Dad’s Parenting Time?

The writer wants to know what she can do to lessen her ex-husband’s parenting time with their joint children my name is Steven Leskin I am divorce and family law attorney in Portland I post new content every Monday Wednesday and Friday at about 10 o’clock if you like what you see here please like subscribe or comment below you can find me at The writer wants to know how she can lessen her parenting time for her ex-spouse uh the question doesn’t really give enough information to provide a good answer but what she will have to do is go to court and file
a motion to amend the parenting time there’s already a divorce decree in place I presume uh and that divorce decree includes a parenting time that
delineates when the children will spend time with both mom and dad unlike a custody case where you need to show a change of circumstance to modify
a parenting plan all the parents have to do all either parent have to do is show that it’s in the best interest of the children to change the parenting plan so if there’s you know drug abuse or abandonment or neglect of the kids mom can come back to court and say it’s in the best interest of the kids that they spend more time with me or that they have supervised parenting time with Dad or that you know that some other circumstance requires some other remedy to to keep the kids safe or or whatever that may be so again my name is Steven Leskin I’m a divorce attorney in Portland and you can find me at thank you

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