Ask An Attorney: How Long Does Mediation Take?

Welcome to Ask An Attorney. today’s question comes from Portland. the writer wants to know how long it takes to mediate my name is Steven Leskin. I’m a divorce and family law attorney in Portland you can find me at We post new content every Monday Wednesday and Fridays at about 10
o’clock if you like what you hear please like subscribe or comment below your engagement is valued so the writer wants to know how long it takes to mediate
uh I’m not quite sure I understand the question a mediation can take an hour it could take days it could take occur over the course of a month or so the way I do mediation is I set a definite time for divorces my divorce mediations I set a time that it will start in a time that it will finish and whatever issues are not resolved at the end of the mediation the attorney need makes the final decisions that’s unusual that’s a hybrid mediation binding arbitration model but I find that that’s effective because the deadline forces people to make a decision and if they can’t make the decision they know that they’re dispute is going to be over on that date and then I’ll apply to Oregon law and partially to come to a fair result based on my understanding of the law so again my name is Steven Leskin.  I’m a
divorce and family law attorney in Portland I can be found at and you’ll see a place there to submit your questions. thanks

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