Oregon One Day Divorce and Mediation | Divorce Lawyer

I’ve been training cases in the Oregon Court since 1992 and I’m here to tell you the courts are broken.

Dissolving your marriage has become a long stressful and expensive ordeal. It’s a nightmare designed by lawyers.

However, there is a better way: my law office is pioneered an approach to divorce which is fair transparent and affordable.

My name is Steven Leskin and my law practice is One Day Divorce.

One Day Divorce combines the best of two worlds to resolve your parenting financial support and property differences. You and your spouse will engage in a structured discussion through a trained and experienced mediator. At the end of the day, whatever differences remain will be decided by the mediator applying Oregon Law.

This hybrid approach combines mediation and binding arbitration into one efficient and fair legal proceeding. With One Day Divorce you will know in advance exactly what the process is, meaning there will be no surprises. Our process is straightforward transparent and simple.

With One Day Divorce you will know in advance how much it will cost – you can see the costs on the website – Again, there are no surprises.

How does divorce mediation work? You and your spouse will agree on a date – you can find the available mediation dates on the website. Contrary to the typical divorce process, you will not have to wait a year or longer to get a trial judge. You work towards a solution with your spouse with the help of a trained and
experienced divorce mediation professional.

At the end of the day, the mediator will decide the unresolved issues, applying the same law and process, as the judge would, in your case. We then do all the work to get your case through the Oregon courts quickly.

Divorce can be difficult. There is a better way and that better way is One Day Divorce.