Ask An Attorney: Can Dad, Under a FAPA Restraining Order, track his children?

welcome to you be the judge today’s question comes from Bend mother and children have a restraining order against dad a restraining order provides that Dad how shall have supervised parenting time with the children dad and the supervisor apparently are talking about placing a tracking device on the kids what can be done my name is Steven leskin. I am a divorce and family law attorney in Portland. We Post new content every Monday Wednesday Friday at about 10 o’clock if you like what you see here you can like subscribe or comment below you can find me at so you’re the judge what do you think Mom and kids have a restraining order against dad wants to place a restraining order on the kids what can they do? The first question is whether or not the parenting supervisor is a professional or a friend of dad if it’s a friend of dad the mom can go back to court and ask that the judge modify the restraining order to require a professional supervisor I would also argue that actually placing a restraining order on the kids would violate the restraining order so because it’s still a contact with the kids and the restraining order prevents that so again my name is Steven Leskin. I am a divorce and family law attorney you can find me at
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