Ask An Attorney: Is Wife Responsible for Husband’s Criminal Fines?

welcome to you be the judge today’s question comes from Eugene The writer/wife wants to know whether or not she can be liable responsible for her
husband’s fine that result from the husband’s conviction for rape my name is Steven Leskin I’m a divorce and family law attorney in Portland you
can find me at you can submit questions there as well. I post new content every Monday Wednesday and Friday at about 10 o’clock if you like what you hear please like subscribe or comment below we value your engagement so the writer or the wife is afraid that she’ll be responsible for a husband’s
fines which resulted from criminal activity it’s not clear whether the husband has actually been fined or convicted yet but the writer wants to know what her
um exposure might be to potentially some serious fines. In Oregon spouses are jointly liable for family debt so for debt for the kids for support of the kids either a creditor can go after either parent on those debts a creditor cannot go after separate debts particularly separate debts that were incurred before the marriage or
separate debts during the marriage it’s certainly a creditor cannot go after criminal uh criminal fines and fines resulting from criminal activity against
a spouse again my name is Steven Leskin. I am a family law and a divorce attorney in Portland and you can’t find me answer the questions at thanks for watching.

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