Ask An Attorney: Temporary Support for Wife When Abusive Husband Controls Finances?

Welcome to you be the judge. Today’s question comes from Roseburg. The question is this: the writer wants to know what you can do she’s in an abusive relationship with her husband she doesn’t know where any of the bank accounts are he handles all the finances she has no access to money and she can’t even come up with money to hire an attorney. My name is Steven Leskin. I am a divorce and family law attorney in Portland.  You can find me at
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so what do you think you’d be the judge the writer is an abusive relationship doesn’t have access to cash doesn’t know what the bank accounts are husband is
abusive what would you do. I would advise her to file a petition for dissolution with the court and at the same time the Petition for Dissolution,  she files that she
can also file a motion for temporary relief that gives her access to exclusive use of the house temporary spousal support and potentially suit money and if they’re kids that will also give her child support and temporary custody if she prevails so what do you think she would Prevail or not not enough information to know.
My name is Steven Leskin. I’m a divorce attorney in Portland you can find me at thank you for watching

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