One Day Divorce Timeline

Steven Leskin


In Oregon, getting a divorce case to trial typically takes nine months – or longer. We knew there must be a better, faster, and cheaper way to go through a difficult time like this.

Thinking of our clients, One Day Divorce and Mediation decided to get creative and create a new way to divorce in Oregon. With our One Day Divorce process, a divorce will be completed in months and at a set cost. Contact us online or call 888 888 8911 for a free consultation. You can find both the fees and the available mediation binding arbitration dates on this website.
One Day Divorce Timeline

How Does It Work?

In traditional litigation, lawyers may focus on arguing about details which may – or may not – be relevant to your case. Oftentimes, lawyers fight over possible conflicts which may one day in the future happen or not. One Day Divorce focuses on getting the divorce done efficiently and fairly.

The Seven Stages in a One-Day Divorce Process

The first three stages of the One Day Divorce are about information gathering. It’s done through four online interviews which can be done in less than twenty minutes, and all the data from these interviews will eventually be incorporated into your divorce proceedings.

With traditional litigation, clients produce reams of documents and lawyers verify facts. This is called discovery- usually the most expensive part of any lawsuit.

One Day Divorce provides an alternative to litigation. One Day Divorce assumes both parties know their assets and liabilities in regards to marriage; where there’s a dispute we have our process for resolving specific differences. We assume information is correct unless we have a reason not to. Litigation assumes every fact must be verified. This key difference is part of how One Day Divorce is so expedient.

The Seven Steps:

The One Day Divorce process consists of the following steps

  1. After an initial screening, One Day Divorce and Mediation obtains background information regarding the parties and their children;
  2. The issues to be presented at Mediation Binding Arbitration are clarified;
  3. Each party discloses assets and liabilities;
  4. Parties meet with the divorce mediator to prepare;
  5. Mediation Binding Arbitration is conducted via Zoom, or in person if preferred;
  6. One Day Divorce and Mediation prepares documents to be signed by the parties and submitted to the Court;
  7. One Day Divorce and Mediation notify the parties that the judgment was signed by the court, and that their divorce is final.

Why One Day Divorce?

One Day Divorce and Mediation’s innovative approach offers its clients numerous advantages over traditional divorce firms.

  • One Day Divorce saves time in comparison to traditional divorce: less than a year versus nine months to years.
  • You will know when your divorce is finalized: your divorce will be completed when both parties agree on the terms and not when the court decides.
  • The divorce will be finished in months, not a year or longer.
  • No need to go to court.
  • Fees are fixed: no surprises.
  • Legal bills won’t rise because of lawyers arguing.

How Much Does One Day Divorce Cost?

One Day Divorce and Mediation offers you a simple structure that promises to save you money and is more economical in the long run. All charges are set forth at the commencement of our professional relationship, eliminating any confusion or surprises. Most importantly, whereas each party in a divorce retains its own lawyer, One Day Divorce and Mediation is mediation not advocacy. This means that the parties work together towards finding a solution towards their differences, rather than going to court and letting a judge decide.

The Oregon One Day Divorce Approach is a Mediation Binding Arbitration, not litigation. Therefore, fees are per couple, not per person. You will save thousands, know in advance how much it will cost, and not be subject to thousands of dollars in costs which cannot be anticipated in the future.

The Oregon One Day Divorce Approach is cheaper and ensures you know in advance how much your case will cost. The Oregon One Day Divorce Approach is a Mediation Binding Arbitration, not litigation. Therefore, fees are per couple, not per person.

We charge a divorcing couple a basic fee of $3,000 plus the following:

If there are children $1,500
Each additional child $250
Each “Child Attending School” $500
Residential Real Estate $2,000/per
Individual Retirement Accounts (not subject to QDRO) $1,000/per
Employee Retirement Accounts (subject to QDRO) $2,500
If the value of the estate is between $550,000 & $749,999, add $3,500
If the value of the estate is between $750,000 & $1,000,000, add $4,500

How Do I Qualify?

The One Day Divorce Approach is appropriate for many couples, but there are situations where a couple may not qualify for this innovative way to divorce in Oregon.

Regarding Children:

  • There are allegations of physical, emotional or verbal child abuse;
  • Custody (not parenting time) of a minor child is disputed (joint custody or an agreement that one parent or the other shall have custody is permissible);

Regarding Husband or Wife:

  • One spouse lacks the cognitive capacity to contract;
  • One spouse suffers a condition requiring expert financial/medical/legal planning;
  • One spouse is not capable of using email or streaming technology (such as Zoom. We can lend a tablet or make other arrangements);

Regarding Assets and Liabilities:

  • A spouse suspects the other of concealing assets, liabilities or income.
  • Either spouse owns, or has an interest in, a business requiring valuation;
  • Either spouse owns stock options or other complicated financial instruments which will need to be valued;
  • The total net value of the estate exceeds one million dollars.

Contact One Day Divorce and Mediation Today

Call us at 888-888-8911 or use the contact form to schedule a consultation to discuss if the One Day Divorce process is right for you. There is no charge for this consultation. By the end of the call, you will know when your divorce can be finalized and how much it will cost.